One Hub To Manage Investment Fees
Unlock Risk-free Income 1% of AUM Annually
One Hub To Manage Investment Fees
Unlock Risk-free Income 1% of AUM Annually
All-In-One Platform To Analyze, Manage And Monitor Your Investment Fees And Associated Costs
How GreenLock Works?
A. Anonymize & Curate
      • Computation engine extracts data from an anonymized transactions ledger along with the contractual arrangements to derive historical fees
            B. Analyze & Benchmark
              • Employing slice-and-dice capabilities, assess the costs by mandate, transaction volume, counterparty and overall reduction potential

              • Unique pathways analysis provides an insight into funds flows between the financial intermediaries managing your investments
                B. Analyze & Benchmark
                • Drill-down to the level of individual intermediaries to quickly appreciate the cost-to-serve landscape

                • Our proprietary collection of benchmarks across different types of intermediaries unlocks unrivalled insight into the fee reduction potential and informs planning and cost control efforts
                C. Plan & Monitor
                • Carve out short and mid-term fee reduction strategies and action plans to concentrate on quick wins and biggest prizes

                • Define concrete steps and negotiation strategies to convert potential to actual savings
                C. Plan & Monitor
                  • Track realized savings and a 'to-do' list for each counterparty

                  • Use dashboards to communicate key information on costs-to-serve, future and already realized savings to your client
                    Innovate With Us
                    Our Expertise And Technology Are Here To Serve You And Your Clients
                    • Automate And Save Time
                      The majority of investment managers still rely on tedious, error-prone and time-consuming spreadsheets to analyze service fees; our computation engine scrutinises costs data, leaving you to focus on things that truly matter.
                    • Intelligence: Proactively Manage Your Fees
                      Justify your partner selection decisions using hard facts, consulting our investment pathways intelligence along with the rigorous benchmarking database. Define potential for fees optimisation and smart profit uplift.
                    • Communicate With Your Clients
                      Use dashboards to monitor benefits realization and value delivery. Educate and delight your clients by explaining how savings from leaner fees structures translate into greater wealth over time.
                    • Produce Tangible Results
                      Our team brings over 60 years of combined experience in investments and management consulting; we worked with S&P500 companies to optimize costs and manage large-scale tech programs.
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